About Jovikids

Jovi, a cheerful two-year-old girl, inspired her mother, a product designer, to create the "Jovikids" brand. As Jovi's birthday approached, her mother designed a car safety seat named "Jovi" to ensure both safety and a joyful travel experience.

Thus, the brand "Jovikids" was born. This is the first car seat of Jovikids, carrying the designer’s concept of joyful kids and joyful trips. Jovikids always provides high-quality safety seats to children worldwide, meticulously designed with child-friendly colors and ergonomic features for a comfortable and joyful journey experience.

Family Travel

Our mission is to provide each Jovi kids with a safer and more enjoyable trip experience.

Jovikids is committed to create an in-car space that combines functionality and entertainment, allowing our young passengers to enjoy both safety and happiness on their journeys

Our Concepts


All products from Jovikids have passed ECE test.We have a crush test for every car seat before the sale to help children enjoy the safety.


Jovikids aims to liberate parents and children from the complexity of installation and the bulkiness during carrying.


Jovikids focus on children’s use experience. We wanna create a joyful in-car space for kids during their trip, which is our brand's core philosophy.


Creativity is what we have always been pursuing.Innovation is reflected not only in technology and functionality but also includes new design elements in fabrics and materials.

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