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Jovikids is committed to create an in-car space that combines functionality and entertainment, allowing our young passengers to enjoy both safety and happiness on their journeys.

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★★★★★ 4.8 Stars

Absolutely wonderful!

We look after my grandson regularly, and now he has outgrown the car seat, this booster is terrific - really secure, east to fit and we can pop it in the boot when he’s not in the car. Highly recommended!

- Michael Hoad

I love this car seat!

It has ISO fix, swivels, reclines, it grows with baby, really well padded, fits securely and is easy enough to change to different stages of use. Only negative is it is quite heavy due to the isofix base. I'm happy with this, good user friendly functionality.

- EmmaH

Easy to fit and remove!

Feels very secure and like that guides are included to make it easy to find isofix brackets

- Barbara McMahon


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