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  • Meets the ECE R129 i-Size standards to be your reliable choice.
  • 5-point harness system stablizes the baby.
  • ISOFIX +Support leg doubles security and safety.

Ease Of Use:

  • 360° Swivel enables children to easily get on and off.
  • Removable and washable fabric covers pevent bactaria.

Children Comfort:

  • Retractable sunshades protect baby skin from sunlight.
  • Headrest made of memory foam gives children soft feeling.
  • Adjustable headrest portects necks and heads.
  • Breathable fabric keeps chidren cool and comfortable.
  • Headrest made of memory foam provides soft feeling.
i-Size / R129

Trustful, Reliable

Passed the latest ECE R129 standard certification and the stricter collision testing, effectively reduce the risk of head, neck, and shoulder injuries. The i-Size standard takes testing further with mandatory side impact and roll over testing, all using the latest crash test dummies, to help create safer car seats.

ISOFIX + Support Leg

Dual Protection for Baby

Compatible with ISOFIX for easy installation. Paired with Support Leg, securely fasten the safety seat to the car seat.

0/I/II/III Group

Growing Belt System

Evolving with your little one from infancy to their 12th year, Ranger offers the perfect blend of comfort and safety at every milestone. Ranger's convertible harness accommodates children of various ages by offering a five-point harness for infants (40-105 cm) for extra stability and a three-point harness for older children (100-150 cm), ensuring their safety effectively.


Maximum Protection

Ranger is RWF for baby from 40 to 105 cm (≤ 18kg) since rear-facing seats spread force over a larger area of the back, reducing pressure on the head, neck, and spine in collision. When the child reaches 76cm - 150cm, the seat can be adjustable into the forward facing direction.

Side Impact Protection

Reduces Impact Forces

Equiped with the side wing system, Ranger effectively protects children from the side impact, reducing the risks of neck and head injuries.

Built-In Steel Frame

Creating a Safety Fortress

The built-in steel frame enhances Ranger's durability and stability, offering robust protection during side collisions.

360 ° Swivel

Easy in , Easy out

Ranger supports 360 ° rotation and can easily switch between forward and rearward installation. With just a simple turn, you can position the seat to face the car door, ensuring hands-free and comfortable handling of your little one.

Adjustable Headrest

Perfectly Fits Head

This indicates that the seat can be adjusted to fit your child's height and will grow with them as they grow. At any age of the child, Ranger will provide children a comfortable head experience.

Washable Material

Cleaner, Neater

Removable fabric covers can be washed by hands in the lukewarm water. This prevents the color fading and inhibits the bacteria growth, creating a cleaner and neater seating environment for children.

Large Canopy

Super Sun Protection

The headrest and inner cushion of the safety seat, made of slow rebound memory foam,together with foldable canopy, creates a shading and breathable environment.

Adjustable Recline Position

Sleep Faster and Better

Equipped with five deep recline positions in both rear and forward-facing modes, Ranger will create a cradle-like environment for children, which helps children fall asleep faster and more soundly.

High Density Memory Foam

Comfort Headrest, Complete Protection

Ranger's headrest features high density memory foam material, effectively absorbing energy during side impacts to protect your baby's head. The memory foam not only offers exceptional comfort but also provides extra safety when it matters most.


Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Paulina López Hermosillo

Ranger 360° Swivel i-Size Car Seat 40-150cm


Not working as intended and can’t get a hold of the company for the return and refund policy they have

Elias R.


Elena P.

Tutto perfetto. Prodotto valido e consigliato.

Sarah B.

Parfait, très joli, confortable, facile à installer et utiliser. Un peu lourd.

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