What is ISOFIX and how can parents use it?

What is ISOFIX and how can parents use it?

The Importance of Children's Travel

Safety.Children's travel safety, including the proper and correct use of car seats, is a subject that requires everyone's attention. Children are particularly susceptible to collisions or injuries resulting from the inertia of vehicles while in motion, hence the necessity of child seats. ISOFIX is one of the most important steps in installing a child safety seat. Let’s discuss what is ISOFIX and how to use it correctly.

What is ISOFIX?

ISOFIX is an international safety standard,  to provide stability and safety for children within baby and car seats. ISOFIX usually consists of two mental connectors, which are fixed between the seat back and the seat cushion of the vehicle seat, while the infant and child safety seats have corresponding connection devices that can work with these connectors. The Isofix system is designed to enhance the ease and safety of installation of child safety seats in vehicles, reduce the risk of incorrect installation, and improve the safety standard for little ones.

What is double-lock ISOFIX?

Double lock ISOFIX is an improved version of the ISOFIX system, which adds an additional locking mechanism to the original ISOFIX connection to improve the stability and safety of child safety seats. A more common additional locking mechanism is the top tether. ISOFIX is used to secure the bottom of the safety seat, while the top tether ensures the stability of the upper half of the seat, the seat's forward movement inertia is decreased.

Pre-installation Preparation

  • Checking the availability of baby car seat with ISOFIX.Inspect the car seat for ISOFIX attachment points, these are usually mental connectors located at the base of the car seat.
  • Checking ISOFIX anchor points in the vehicle
    Check the vehicle’s manual which contains information about the location and availability of ISOFIX anchor points. And inspect for ISOFIX labels that indicate the presence location of the ISOFIX anchor points.
  • Adjust the child seat to the best position for the child.
    After fixing the safety seat, adjust the child seat to the most appropriate Angle according to the baby's height and weight, so the child has a comfortable experience during the travel process.
  • Maintenance and Inspection: Before installing the safety seat, parents need to carefully check the Isofix system for wear and tear. They should tighten screws and connectors as needed to ensure that the Isofix securely holds the seat in place.

This ensures the safety seat is properly secured before


1. Consider Your Priorities: When choosing between double-lock Isofix and regular Isofix systems, consider your priorities regarding safety, convenience, and budget.

2. Budget considerations: If you're working within a tighter budget, a regular Isofix system still offers excellent safety compared to traditional seatbelt installation methods. While it may not have the extra locking mechanism of double-lock Isofix, it still provides a secure attachment to the vehicle's anchor points.

3. Consult with Professionals: If you're unsure which Isofix system is best suited for your needs, don't hesitate to consult with car seat technicians or retail professionals specializing in child car seats. They can provide personalized recommendations based on your specific requirements and circumstances.


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