History and Evolution of Safety Seats

History and Evolution of Safety Seats

Baby car seats, an essential part of traveling safety, have a history of over a century. From a simple safety device gradually evolved into a complex children's travel safety system.

The changes in the car seat mirror advancements in automotive engineering and safety standards. This article illustrates the history of baby car seats and how safety seats protect children during travel.

The Evolution of Child Car Seat

Before child safety seats were invented, children were seated in cars just like adults. However, at that time, people were not aware that airbags and seat belts in cars could also pose significant risks to children.

Because children have delicate bones, during a collision when the car rapidly decelerates, their bodies can be propelled forward due to immense inertia. At this moment, the adult seat belt crossing their body may cause dangers such as chest rib fractures, suffocation, or even neck bone fractures for children.

In the 1960s, Europeans invented a car device specifically designed for the safety of children during travel: the child safety seat.

The first safety seat was manufactured by Volvo, who drew inspiration from the principles of astronaut seats in spacecraft. These seats are designed to reduce and cushion the inertia during ascent and descent in spacecraft. Building upon this principle, Volvo proposed the idea of rear-facing installation for child safety seats.

Let Baby Enjoy the Journey

Today's safety seats not only provide travel safety for children but also offer comfort and convenience for every family. Common features of children's safety seats nowadays include:

  1. Adjustable features
  2. Five-point harness:
  3. Breathable Fabric
  4. Portable design:
  5. Removable and easy-to-clean
  6. Compatibility
  7. 360-degree Swivel

In today's fast-paced world, where families are constantly on the move, the importance of safety seats cannot be overstated. These seats serve as a reliable companion for parents, ensuring that babies are protected during every journey. 

In recent years, JOVIKIDS safety seats have received widespread acclaim worldwide. Their distinctive designs and outstanding quality enhance convenience for every family during travel. JOVIKIDS holds the latest i-size safety system certification and offers a variety of safety seats for children of all ages, ensuring the best travel environment for every child.

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